How To Develop A Marketing Strategy For Your Design Company

Marketing Strategy For Your Design Company

When it comes to marketing, the need for a proper marketing strategy is essential regardless of your brand niche. Believe it or not—as a designer, you understand the importance of strategy better than anyone else.

Think of a marketing strategy like a kitchen remodel. First, you start with understanding the client, learning about their needs and goals. Next, you conduct research on their kitchen, taking proper measurements and conducting analysis on what needs to be done. Then you plan the layout, approve materials, select appliances, and so on. And finally, after all that, the contractors come, appliances get installed, and the completed project is unveiled to the client.

As I am writing this, I am laughing at how similar this analogy is. Just as you wouldn’t start a kitchen remodel off with ordering backsplash tile, you shouldn’t just throw content on your website and expect results.

Rather than just winging it or going along for the ride, a marketing strategy gives purpose to your actions. When you clearly define your goals and establish an organized process to reach them, you ensure your work is discovered by the people who appreciate it - and who will hire you for it.

If you are ready to reach more clients, follow these steps to develop a solid strategy for your design company:

Step #1: Perform an audience analysis.

It’s impossible to reach every single type of audience out there and this definitely rings true for design companies. Your audience is as unique as you. Even compared to the other design companies out there, your unique qualities and specialties differ from theirs. Your audience will feel more appealed to what you have to offer and they are more likely to consume your product and/or services.

When you perform an audience analysis on a regular basis, you identify better ways to reach these people. Collect data, details, and information about what constitutes your target audience and use this data to understand what their interests, demographics, and needs so you can reach them with the right resources at the right time.

Step #2: Understand your analytics and website data.

Marketing Strategy For Your Design Company

Comprehending the information you’ve collected on your social media channels and website performance is an essential element to your marketing strategy. In brief, it allows you to understand how your campaigns are performing, identify what’s working, and diagnose what hasn’t been working.

This data is should be used on a continuous basis to improve and revise. Likewise, just as you ask for feedback during a client project you should regularly monitor your analytics to improve your marketing strategy.

Step #3: Perform an SEO audit.

According to, HubSpot 61% of marketers say improving their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a top priority for their campaigns. Subsequently, it’s no wonder that an SEO audit is a fundamental element to maximize the results of your marketing efforts.

An audit involves many different elements. When conducting an audit; review the performance of your keywords, pinpoint your website rank and search score, and compare your performance to your competition. In addition, be aware of how algorithms influence your SEO campaigns so your website will gain the exposure you’re competing for. With so many other designers fighting for the spotlight, you need to stand out!

Marketing Strategy For Your Design Company

Step #4: Create a content plan.

Remember: a strategy is important because it gives purpose to your actions. Likewise, this is the same for your content plan. When you strategize your content plan, the results are appealing to your audience and you will obtain better results (i.e., more views and qualified leads).

Particularly, establish a calendar for content creation, determine reachable goals, brainstorm with your colleagues on a somewhat regular basis, and analyze how your content has been performing throughout the course of weeks, months, and even years.

Step #5: Optimize your SEO strategy.

There are three major components keep in mind when creating your SEO Strategy: create quality content, use great keywords, and integrate relevant links. Create quality content on a regular basis. People want to know you know what you’re doing. Content is a great way to show them. This is your chance to lure them in with your expertise, gain their trust, and eventually win them over as a client. The use of links for sources is important as well because it validates your words and emits professionalism.

A marketing strategy might seem daunting at first if you have never done it before. For the most part, it’s about dedication—doing the research and sticking to the rules. Consequently, the rules of SEO and algorithms are constantly changing. Don’t being afraid of making mistakes, the world of digital marketing is a lifelong learning journey.

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